Your Three MUST-Have’s for the Holidays!!!!

Okay, so the holiday’s will be here before we know it.  In my opinion (and this is just my opinion), I think all women should have at least these three must-haves for the upcoming holiday season.

1.  The Little Black Dress – I think every woman should have at least one Little Black Dress, the LBD.    It was Ms. Coco Chanel who introduced it in the 1920’s as an everyday dress that could go from day to night with a raise in the heel, a switch from a handbag to a clutch and a dash of red lipstick. The LBD is even more stylish today and comes in an array of cuts and detailing.  I actually like the LBD at Ann Taylor’s.  It’s the Knit Jersey 3/4 Sleeve Ruched Dress – priced at $118.00

2.  The Handbag – The second must-have every woman should have is the handbag.  Keep it simple, yet elegant and sophisticated.  This year, it’s the fur handbag.   Fur handbags have charm and definitely a fashionable look.  And of course, the fur bag is a little more costly.  And you know, you can never go wrong with just the classic clutch.   The classic clutch is always in vogue.  Anywoo, whatever your preferred take, one thing is certain: a fur bag makes a statement.

3.  Bold Jewelry – Now bold jewelry can add a lot to your outfit.  Necklaces, earrings and big cocktail rings, can definitely make a statement.  Whether it’s costume or real jewelry, you gotta rock what you got.  After all, it’s all about YOU being fab-YOU-lous during the holiday season. 

~smooches Dah-lings~


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