Could Your Closet be Holding Hidden Treasures???

You just never know. Some of your fabulous fashionable treasures could be in your closet, or hidden away in storage.

Here are some items that were seen on the runway for Fall/Winter 2010. Just perhaps you can pull them out and wear them again.

The fur scarf. If you have a fashionable aunt or grandma, this vintage version is living in their closet. Invest a little time in searching for it. Camel is a hit color this year. And if you go for the menswear look, a slouchier shape is just right. It’s a classic and you may have some items that are already perfect.

Floral prints are unexpected in a fall/winter season but they showed up on designer lists this year. The important detail to look for is the dark background color behind the flowers. Do you have a floral print skirt or dress with a dark background color like black, eggplant, navy, deep olive, or brown? Pair it with tights and a chunky boot to look current.

Long wrap belts were big hits in the late 80s. If you have some in like-new condition, pull them out and wear them. They’re in again!

Anything that shines, glows, or shimmers is in. Look in your closet for a spot of copper, gold, silver, pewter or bronze. Also look for anything with sequins or crystal beads. But remember, a little bit of this trend can go a long way.

Still popular from spring are big cocktail-sized rings, chunky necklaces, and wide bangles. Keep wearing them into fall!

If you don’t find these items in your closet, then your next best option is to check out vintage or consignment stores in your local area. Let the treasure hunt begin!

For bold, eclectic jewelry, check out:


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