Ever heard of Peppermint Lemonade???

Some have, and some have not. With the holidays approaching, why not be festive and make some. When you think of the holidays, you think of family time during Thanksgiving. Santa Claus, and toys at Christmas time, and of course candy canes. Candy canes are hard candy usually peppermint flavored and decorated with stripes. So in keeping up with the theme of things, why not peppermint lemonade??? You have to try it, because it’s most delicious!!!!

Here’s the recipe. Let me know what you think.

Peppermint Lemonade

1 12 ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 fresh lemon
1 1/4 cups white sugar
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves

Pour the lemonade concentrate into a large pitcher or cooler with a spout. Stir in enough water to make 1 gallon. Grate the zest from the lemon and add to the pitcher, then squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon into the pitcher. In a small bowl, crush the mint leaves into the sugar using a muddler or a wooden spoon. Stir into the lemonade. Cover and chill for several hours, then strain to remove the leaves and zest before serving. Serve over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint.


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