Michelle Obama Rocks it in India!!!!

Michelle Obama is a lady with such style and class!!!  She is the epitome of elegance. Here are some photos of her in India.  And yes, even in India, FLOTUS rocks her gear!!!!

Michelle Obama in India.


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  1. bellus
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 09:44:29

    Thank God Ms. O is the epitome of style and elegance. I mean, afterall, Americans are in such great financial shape right now and we should all be dressed in designer clothes! Even the unemployed should praise this great lady for her beautiful clothes, attention to style and spending habits. She is the gold standard for how American women, and indeed, women all over the world should dress. What?????
    I can’t afford Wal-Mart clothes since I lost my job. I could care less what she wears or if she looks stylish. This is not important at all. How about she stay here in the U.S. and address joblessness, hungry Americans, abuse of the welfare system? The exorbitant spending for these “vacations” is truly disgusting. That money is only adding to our national deficit. Imagine if those funds were used to help Americans who are currently losing their homes, trying to feed and care for their children and those who are in need of a home to live in. This is just another way of wasting money that is not theirs (Pres. and Mrs. O.) to begin with. They’re living like royalty. Socialist royalty.


  2. Fab-YOU-lous!!!!
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 15:36:31

    Hey Bellus,

    I could agree with you if I felt Michelle Obama was using America’s money to flaunt what she’s got. But just so you know, before she became First Lady, she served as the Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, where she developed the University’s Community Service Center. In 2002, she began working for the University of Chicago Hospitals, first as executive director for community affairs and, beginning May 2005, as Vice President for Community and External Affairs. She continued to hold the University of Chicago Hospitals position during the primary campaign, but cut back to part time in order to spend time with her daughters as well as work for her husband’s election; she subsequently took a leave of absence from her job. According to the couple’s 2006 income tax return, her salary was $273,618 from the University of Chicago Hospitals, while her husband had a salary of $157,082 from the United States Senate. The total Obama income, however, was $991,296, which included $51,200 she earned as a member of the board of directors of TreeHouse Foods, and investments and royalties from his books. So you see, she doesn’t need America’s money to live the lifestyle that she leads, cause she was doing it way before she was First Lady.

    Michell Obama earned her degrees from Princeton and Harvard, and because of her diligence and hard work, she is where she is. Not to mention the things she is doing for the communities across the country, like putting an end to childhood obesity. This effort does not supplant her other efforts: supporting military families, helping working women balance career and family, encouraging national service, promoting the arts and arts education, and fostering healthy eating and healthy living for children and families across the country. She has earned widespread publicity on the topic of healthy eating by planting the first white house vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt served as first lady.

    My heart goes out to you for losing your job. I feel your pain, as I too, had lost mine. Just recently I was blessed with employment, however, I didn’t blame Michelle Obama for my woes.

    So yeah, I admire her, and I truly think she is a woman of elegance, style and class. In fact, I think she rocks!!!!


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