Being Stylish With Shawls and Pashminas!!!!

Maintaining a fashionable wardrobe does not have to mean dramatic changes every year. Swapping out accessories can create a beautiful and fashionable look with little effort. Shawls and Pashmina Scarves are the ideal accessory for this endeavor. Glamorous and complimentary for any occasion, they are available in an array of colors and styles that will look splendid when added to your existing wardrobe.

Shawls are unusual in the fashion world in that they have transcended the ages; not many clothing items can make this claim! A high end shawl is a stunning and elegant accessory that looks exquisite for any occasion. Adding a lovely shawl to your ensemble creates a statement of class and mirrors your unique personality. Shawls have gained recent popularity as a high fashion staple.

Looks to Create with your Shawl

Shawls may be loosely worn over the shoulders or upper body. Sometimes they are even worn on the head. Various women choose to use them for added warmth or for meditation. They are generally oblong or rectangular but are often folded to create a triangle-shape and can be added to achieve many different looks such as the 3 noted below:

The Elegant Look: Ideal for evening gowns and special occasions when exposing your shoulders you can create a sensual appearance with the shawl. Wrap each end over your shoulders and allow the shawl to drape across your back and rest on the crooks of your arms.

The Casual Look: Simply wrap the shawl around your neck like a scarf. The simple wrap is achieved by draping it over your shoulders and then bringing the entire width of both ends to cross in front of you. If worn correctly, the wrap will create a stylish pop of color to any shirt.

The Professional Look: Adding a Shawl to your professional attire such as a pant suit or blouse can personalize your look! Achieve a distinguished appearance by adding a real Pashmina scarf your outfit.

Remember this one simple rule when accessorizing with shawls: patterned shawls add distinction and flair to solid clothing palettes, whereas solid-colored shawls lend depth to patterned attire. With the endless array of colors and designs, you can match a shawl to any outfit. Follow this easy tip and you will flawlessly transform shawls into your trademark fashion accessory.

Additionally, a truly fine shawl is much more than a trendy accessory; they can be treasured heirlooms and collector’s items. The origins of this lovely piece span centuries into the past. You may find an exceptionally luxurious shawl with a mystical history to pass along in your family for generations. The most cherished shawls are made of pure Pashmina and cashmere, but a high end shawl salon will have an array of options to fit your budget, occasion and preferences. In many cases, you will not find your perfect shawl; your perfect shawl will find you. The options may seem endless, but when you have found that special piece to cherish for years to come, you will know immediately.

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  1. carolynesteele
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 02:40:42

    I’m doing Pashminas to keep them warm in the evening and make up bags… but I LOVE these!
    black pashmina


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