Andre Walker Launches his own Hair Care Line!!!!

Well Lady O’s hair dresser of 25 years, has finally launched his own Hair Care products.  Andre Walker has partnered with HSN to debut his line.  The collection, which was recently added to Oprah’s annual “My Favorite Things” list, consist of a keratin shampoo and conditioner, a shine serum and a double-ended hair makeup wand, formulated for all hair types, including Caucasian, Latin, African-American, bleached, color-treated, fine, coarse, smooth, straight and curly.

About Andre Walker: Andre Walker, seven-time Emmy Award winner, recipient of the Pivot Point L.E.O Award and personal stylist to Oprah! Andre is a native of Chicago. Andre won a styling competition that earned him a scholarship to Pivot Point International. His education and training there helped Andre become one of the most respected and famous hair stylists in the industry. Upon graduation, Andre went on to work for some of Chicago’s finest salons before opening his own salon in 1982, where has had many celebrities as clients.

In 1985 Andre joined the “Oprah” staff full-time, and has been with her ever since. His responsibilities have expanded to include many aspects of Oprah’s public image from hair to wardrobe.

Check out  Andre Walker’s new line, which has already become a great success.


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