Cruise Ships’ Coveted Suites (via fashion + class & jet lag)

I guess everyone desires to go on a cruise at some point in their life, right???? And when when we take that cruise, I know we all want to be able to stay in those elaborate suites right??? If you get the opportunity to stay in one, fabulous, but if you can’t, well at least you can get an inside look right here, right now, of those coveted suites!!! All I can say, is WOW!!!

Cruise Ships' Coveted Suites For the jetsetter who doesn't want to possess a personal yacht, fear not. Cruise ships have become more attentive to the affluent market, giving them the option of coming aboard their ship + experiencing it like their own. With amenities ranging from private elevators to butler service, the floating home away from home makes voyaging from country to country just as memorable…enjoyable…exclusive.   |{-}|   Crystal Cruises The Insider … Read More

via fashion + class & jet lag


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