A Touch of Speed with the World’s Most Expensive Cars (via fashion + class & jet lag)

A Touch of Speed with the World's Most Expensive Cars The warmer months are fast approaching & the desire to stay out is becoming stronger. A sensation of spring & summer, liberty tells us that the time has come to take the roadtrips to nowhere. The windows rolled down with the stereo's volume on high, the wind brushing your face while wearing your vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses. And how the sound of the engine revving + eating asphalt is exhilarating. Euphoric. For the affluent, there's a range … Read More

via fashion + class & jet lag


The Jazzy Courtman!!!

His voice is silky smooth.  Just the kind of voice that would host a morning radio show.  His radio mix is smooth and jazzy, that’s why they call him the Jazzy CourtMan (Courtny is his first name).  He’s the new host of the new internet radio station at WPBRadio, the Sound Cafe.  I must say, I was quite impressed with his show, when I listened in this morning.  

Talking about having fun and a good time. That’s exactly what I did. Not only did he give me the number to call into the show, which I did, but he allowed me to speak on air.  Then he gave me a shout out!!!  He is simply a class act!!!

His music is smooth jazz.  His radio time is from 10:00 am – until noon, Monday thru Friday (I personally think he needs more time).

The Jazzy Courtman is simple and timeless.  He gives his listeners companionship and nonstop joy, and all they have to do is turn on their radios every day for two hours. 

Check out Jazzy AM’s with the Courtman for yourself.  And for two hours go back down memory lane, as he plays some of your favorite smooth jazz hits!!!

P.S., I get the opportunity of being on his show next. Stay tuned for time and date.

~smooches Dah-lings~

Violet Eyes & White Diamonds: A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (via fashion + class & jet lag)

A well deserved tribute to a woman who was elegant and classy!!!! Farewell Elizabeth Taylor. Farewell!!!

Violet Eyes & White Diamonds: A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor On this snowy Spring day in NYC, the world has received the sad news of Ms. Elizabeth Taylor's passing. Like the white flakes falling from the sky, they seem to represent the lady whose life we are remembering + celebrating today- fragile, soft & graceful. An icon of the silver screen, Ms. Taylor's timeless glamour had once made her the world's most alluring + desirable lady. She loved the jet-set life & had an affinity for some of the wo … Read More

via fashion + class & jet lag

Prada at Bluefly!!!!

You know if you want the best in designer wear, be it clothes, accessories, or shoes, is the spot to go to. is the ultimate hook up for the fashion obsessed.

Just think, you can get Prada shoes for up to 20% off of retail price.  Not bad right??  And who wouldn’t want Prada shoes, if they could get it at a discounted price???

And not just Prada shoes.  You can also find discounted prices on their Prada accessories.  From Prada sunglasses to Prada wallets, you can find it all at

But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can go to:, and check it out for yourself.  I am sure, that you will be most impressed.

Pirates of the Caribbean x OPI (via Milk+Syrup)

Pirates of the Caribbean x OPI This is the new OPI collection for the new movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for Spring 2011. If I wouldn’t have  known better, this OPI collection looks like an Easter Basket.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the color’s but I don’t think the creamy and girlie colors are suitable for Pirates of the Caribbean collection.  When I think of that movie, I think dark and rich colors such as mossy green, walnut brown, a rich red or maroon, a … Read More

via Milk+Syrup

The Chanel Fiore!!! A Haute Concept Car!!!

Okay Ladies, forget about owning a BMW, Mercedes Benz or even a Jaguar. Imagine pulling up in this ultra sleek & chic Chanel car!   This is the ultimate fashion accessory that any fashionista can ever want! This concept car was designed by a female Korean car designer named Jinyoung Jo.  Now mind you, it’s been a couple of years since she designed this concept car, but still!!!

Can you say….HAUTE??? This is truly what happens when fashion and automobiles collide. 

Enjoy Dah-lings!!!  ~smooches~

DEAL OF THE DAY: 20% Off of Spanx Bra-lellujah! (via Style News – StyleWatch –

DEAL OF THE DAY: 20% Off of Spanx Bra-lellujah! Spanx is beloved by women the world over for its no-nonsense, foolproof approach to slimming shapewear. And now the line known for its Power Panties and Hide and Sleek underwear is rocking the world of bras with its Bra-llelujah line, which does everything a great bra should, without the pinching straps or annoying back fat, thanks to its cool hosiery back feature. We like the demi push-up bra and the brilliant minimizer — and now girls who want … Read More

via Style News – StyleWatch –

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