My ideal biker boots finally found!!!!

Guest post written by Elly Baker

For a few years now, I’ve been imagining the perfect pair of motorcycle or biker style boots in my head that I just have to have. But, that was a whole lot to live up to because I had these great boots built up in my mind. Well, after browsing through so many different boots I was starting to think that I would never be able to find a pair of boots close to my ideal ones. But after waiting, I finally found a pair that met my expectations!

But now that I tracked down the perfect pair, the tough part about it is figuring out what to wear with them. I want to make sure that what I do wear with them really show off my boots in a great way. I was looking online for a little inspiration for stuff to wear with them about a week or so ago when I came across a comparison of Satellite Internet or Dial-Up and after I read through it I decided to sign up for a satellite internet package for my home service.

Well, I’ve already worn my biker boots a few times now. But I’m trying not to wear them too much and then get sick of them.


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