Spring Fashion Tips!!!!

Spring 2011 is a juxtaposition of styles and colors! You will see vibrant colors in sophisticated shapes with sheath dresses and billowy blouses in shades of white to floral prints that will make you feel like you are at a garden party. There definitely is something for everyone. Check out a few of the top trends for Spring. What trend you will be wearing?

Forget any shade that is dusty or muted. Spring is all about the-bolder-the-better, as long as it is bright. What really sets these colors aglow are the unexpected combinations: pink, orange, and deep purple; turquoise and taxi cab yellow; lime and emerald green. It’s this palette of knockout hues that creates such a range of riveting contrasts.

HOW TO WEAR ITThe easiest way is to go tonal by choosing separates in the same color family. If you are feeling a little bolder, spin the color wheel and work with opposites: two is great, three is even better. Make sure the shade closest to your face is flattering. Keep bags and shoes neutral, your lips either bare or brilliant, and hair minimal. It all adds up to a very colorful new you!

Designers had such a passion for purity that many began their runway shows with outfits that looked crafted from clouds. The silhouette-peasant blouse, Edwardian cutaway, classic blazer, or minimalist gown-white was a fresh choice on the runway.

Seek out a look that works for your lifestyle. If you want to avoid the austerity of this pristine shade, vary textures by combining chiffon with poplin or layering lace over cotton. Go all out with white accessories too, but keep them sleek. Metallic flats or sandals and coordinating jewelry add the perfect touch.

You can pick your own bouquet from two gorgeous gardens. The first is floridly romantic, blossoming in profusion on crepe de chine, silk or satin that creates an impressionistic view of the English countryside. The other is deeply rooted in the aestheticism of the east where a dark background frames stylized prints of oversize blooms.

Whether they’re pretty pastels or bright, florals look great with the addition of a coordinating lightweight cardigan and open-toe shoes. Your shoe should either vanish or hijack a deep color. Lips must do the same. Leave the color to the outfit and accessorize with clear beads or crystals suspended from either gold or silver metal.

Article Courtesy of Stacy McBride Collections


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