The Jazzy Courtman!!!

His voice is silky smooth.  Just the kind of voice that would host a morning radio show.  His radio mix is smooth and jazzy, that’s why they call him the Jazzy CourtMan (Courtny is his first name).  He’s the new host of the new internet radio station at WPBRadio, the Sound Cafe.  I must say, I was quite impressed with his show, when I listened in this morning.  

Talking about having fun and a good time. That’s exactly what I did. Not only did he give me the number to call into the show, which I did, but he allowed me to speak on air.  Then he gave me a shout out!!!  He is simply a class act!!!

His music is smooth jazz.  His radio time is from 10:00 am – until noon, Monday thru Friday (I personally think he needs more time).

The Jazzy Courtman is simple and timeless.  He gives his listeners companionship and nonstop joy, and all they have to do is turn on their radios every day for two hours. 

Check out Jazzy AM’s with the Courtman for yourself.  And for two hours go back down memory lane, as he plays some of your favorite smooth jazz hits!!!

P.S., I get the opportunity of being on his show next. Stay tuned for time and date.

~smooches Dah-lings~


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