The Prada Smart Phone!!

Check it out…it’s the Prada 3.0 smartphone. It finally arrived this December 14 when they unveiled their uber chic designer smartphone in London. Right now the phone has simply been introduced and the actual sale is slated to start from January onwards in the coming year.

Here are some specifics about this super FAB phone:

~ Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread with PRADA UI
~ 4.3-inch wide NOVA Plus LG TFT-LCD display with a WVGA resolution of 800 x 480
~ Display features a brightness of 800 nits
~ 8.5mm in depth
~ 8MP camera with AF and 1080p video recording capabilities at 30 fps
~ 1.3MP front-facing
~ 8GB internal memory with microSD card support
~ WLAN 802.11 abgn, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, HSPA+ up to 21Mbps
~ 1540mAh battery

According to a report by BestBoyz the luxury handset from LG and Prada is scheduled to be available by January 2012. The price has not been revealed yet, but it would be rather expensive given its designer attributes. The site goes on to state that though it comes with Android Gingerbread onboard, plans are in place for it to be upgraded to Google’s latest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Via: Tech2, Engadget


Men In Black 3 ~ The Trailer!!

Well, they’re back at it again. Those two gentlemen that make up that dynamic duo of the Men in Black.

The long-gestating third installment to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ action-comedy franchise about a secret government agency that keeps the extraterrestrial aliens hidden among us in check has been slowed by script and production delays. So the trailer came as a relief for fans who have been waiting since 2002’s “Men in Black II” for the further adventures of Smith’s Agent J and Lee Jones’ Agent K.

The first two movies in the series hauled in more than $1 billion at the box office worldwide.

The trailer shows some of the franchise’s trademarks: quirky aliens, one-liners and big silver, sci-fi-tinged guns.

The plot of “Men in Black III” involves a time travel romp for Agent J, who is sent back to 1969 to suss out the mystery of what happened to his partner. Josh Brolin joins the cast as a younger version of Jones’ character, who seems to have not gotten the memo that it’s supposed to be the Summer of Love.

Check out the trailer. Just like the previous two, this one proves to be very interesting.

Moviegoers will get to see the two back in action, on May 25, 2012.

Ladies, Your Gentle Man 2012!!

Okay, sistah friends, this is an FYI for you. See, I find it appalling that some men have no clue on what it takes to be a real gentleman. I believe that a gentleman should truly look good from his head to his shoes. For you women who need the reassurance of what it takes to get your man to that gentlemanly status, read on. And for you men who just have no clue at all, well you definitely need to read on.

1. Grooming ~ A man should always be neat when it comes to his hair, nails and shoes. His hair should be in a tidy, trim fashion. Ponytails won’t do, but should he insist on wearing it long, know that he should keep his hair properly groomed, and it would need to be cut every 2-4 weeks. In my opinion, the best way is for him to wear his hair short; it looks professional and clean. And he shouldn’t have to get it cut as often. His nails should be short enough never to have any dirt underneath them. His shoes should always be shined, and the hair in his nose, ears and between his eyebrows, should always be trimmed.

2. Suit ~ Ah, what can I say about a man in a suit, other than it is an important step towards becoming a gentleman. It should fit him like a charm, be able to be worn everywhere, and make him feel like a million bucks.

3. Shoes ~ Okay Ladies, and wanna be Gents, these are important. Don’t be afraid to spend on a nice pair of wingtips or oxfords. They don’t have to be Ferragamos, but they should look sharp on. Eventually he’ll want a pair of black and brown shoes to go with everything he owns.

4. Watch ~ A classic watch like a Movado or an Armani, can do a lot for his image. Weil watches and Baume & Mercier watches are also classic, timeless timepieces. There’s just something so much more gentlemanly about looking at his wrist to tell the time rather than pulling his cell phone awkwardly out of his jean pocket.

5. Casual ~ The casual look for the weekend is essential. A nice pair of slacks or dark designer jeans like Sean John or Ralph Lauren, with a nice polo or cashmere sweater, pair well together. Loafers with argyle socks never go out of style.

6. Attitude ~ Ladies, and wanna be Gents, this is key, key, key. He can’t play the part without learning some lines. Be polite, chivalrous, and read lots of books. They will improve his vocabulary and make him feel more confident in intellectual circles.

Okay, so that’s it. When he applies these 6 simple steps to his life, it influences him positively in all other ways. He will be generally clean, fit, and even if he is butt-ugly, he will still turn heads. So go out there and start showing the world that the modern gentleman is here to stay. Good luck to you and your man. And to all the wanna be Gents, much success to you as well!!! ~smooches Dah-ling~

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