It’s 2012, Now What???

Yep, it’s a new year, and now it’s time to put 2011 behind you, and get motivated to make 2012 your best year yet. Here are some things I plan on implementing into my new year, to Make Things Happen!!!

1. Affirmations ~ Start off each morning by reminding yourself that you are beautiful (or handsome)!!! I have a favorite that I use, which is: I AM SEXY. I AM BOLD. I AM EDGY. I AM FABYOULOUS!!!!

Whatever it takes to speak positivity in the atmosphere, do it. We want nothing but positivity in our circle. Say your affirmation in the morning when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. Good way to start your day. And in the evening, just before bed, so that you go to bed with a good attitude.

2. Set Realistic Goals ~ For every goal you successfully achieve, reward yourself. It may be something as simple as drinking more water. For me, that will be one of my goals, because I drink soda like it’s water. So my goal is to drink four bottles of water a day, and eliminate one can of soda from my diet. May not be a big deal to folks, but for me it will be an accomplishment. Believe it or not, doing something as simple as that, will build your self-confidence. And we definitely want that. So make it a habit to set goals and make it a point to reach them within a specific period of time.

You may not always be successful with accomplishing your goal, but the point is that you at least tried. You know the old saying, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!!!

3. Be Creative ~ Try new things and allow yourself to be enriched by the experience. Who’s to say that you’re not an awesome cook if you’ve never tried your hand at cooking? With all these cooking shows on t.v. now, you may really be able to throw down in the kitchen. Won’t know until you try. Or, you may like to sew. Who’s to say you won’t be the next fashion designer???

4. Relax And Have Fun ~ The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more confident you will become. And that involves having a lot of fun doing what you love.

If you love hanging out with your friends, then schedule a day when you and your friends can take a day just for you all, and hang out. Go to a movie, park, or just go on a nice drive. Doing these sorts of things cements your personal identity and gets you comfortable in your own skin, which eventually results in better self-esteem.

5. Keep A Journal ~ You won’t know exactly how far you’re going to go until you get there. This is one reason why keeping a diary or journal is very important.

Start on your first entry as soon as you begin your journey to a better you. As you make your progress, you can go back and read past entries to keep track of how much you have accomplished.

Now the things that I listed, are things that I believe can make a difference in your approach to this new year. Even if you tried one thing, stick to it. Keep at it no matter how challenging it becomes, because the rewards are worth it.

Enjoy, and I hope 2012 is a healthy and prosperous year for you!!!
~smooches Dah-ling~


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