~~L.E.A.H. Divas~~

Coming soon!!!!  Ladies of Elegance and Humanity.  A sisterhood of women of Elegance, on a mission to give back to Humanity!! If you would like to contribute to our volunteer work within communities, your donations are greatly appreciated. Please click the Be fab~YOU~lous button. Thank you and God Bless!! ~smooches Dah-ling~ 🙂

Be fab~YOU~lous

A L.E.A.H. Diva Always:

1. Puts Jesus First!
2. Looks tight! Clothes neat, hair did….fierce!!
3. Has all the essentials in her purse; i.e., comb, perfume, lipstick, gum, and of course, money!
4. Has something to talk about!
5. Walks with her head held high!
6. Encourages others in any situation!
7. Stays well versed in what is going on around her. If if she doesn’t know, she just smiles and nods.
8. Goes with her instinct, gut feeling, Holy Spirit…..her inner guide.
9. Surrounds herself with like minded individuals. Positivity is always what strive to be around.
10. Never says never, simply because she just never know what life has in store for her. She always has to be prepared for a change in plans.


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