Around The World With Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (via fashion + class & jet lag)

Around The World With Vogue Fashion's Night Out Only days away, a major hurricane called Fashion Week is headed to New York City, London, Milan & Paris. The excitement is starting to build already. For the third consecutive year, Vogue is gathering its fashion army to celebrate the frenzy's arrival with much fanfare. A celebration that unites Dior disciples with high heel lovers to accessory aficionados to all types of fashion fans- Vogue Fashion's Night Out. Growing exponentially since it … Read More

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Videos | Fashion Frenzy (via fashion + class & jet lag)

Videos | Fashion Frenzy |picture via Elle Magazine| … Read More

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Max Kibardin Shoes (via fashion + class & jet lag)

Max Kibardin Shoes Knobs, pushfits, S-cuts. Jigsaw puzzles were the childhood past-time that entertained our curiosity + somehow were to be one of the building blocks to our adulthood virtue of patience. As adults for the most part, as they were forgotten, puzzles turned from tangibles to intangibles; pairing emotions with relationships to reading synchronicity with others. But in one part of our daily routine, we haven't fully tucked away that childhood fun. We st … Read More

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Fashion Designer Hotels (via fashion + class & jet lag)

Fashion Designer Hotels Creativity is the art of dreaming with your eyes wide open, a vision of make believe that dances around your thoughts as you fantasize & allow ideas to play in the dark labyrinths of your mind. And so fashion designers are one by one tapping into their secret mental world to take a break from designing clothes, and moving toward hotels. From Bali to Dubai + from Edinburgh to South Africa, these "couture" behemoths of hospitality keep multiply … Read More

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Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign (via fashion + class & jet lag)

Of course you all know that whenever Mr. Fashion + Class and Jet Lag post anything that is fabYOUlous, I, of course, reblog it. So, here is the Gucci Spring/Summer Ad Campaign. Enjoy!!!

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign                             (pictures via Gucci) … Read More

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Made to Order Steve Mono Bags for Gentlemen (via fashion + class & jet lag)

I always love when fashion + class & jet lag writes an article, because it’s always so classy, and so well put together. He never disappoints. So here is an article about made to order Steve Mono bags for gentlemen. Trust and believe, you’d definitely have to be a gentleman, to be able to carry a man bag.

Made to Order Steve Mono Bags for Gentlemen Finding the perfect, unconventional piece of wardrobe or something to claim as part of your identity that stands out from everyone else can be quite the feat. For the most part, store after store turns out to be a replica of the one before, leaving one in a mountain of frustration. For the gentleman who is searching for a classy + timeless accessory from an uncommon brand there is Steve Mono. Started in 2006, Steve Mono was founded with the inspi … Read More

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BlueFly….My new favorite website!!!

We all love fashion don’t we???    I know I do, and I want to stay up on all the latest styles, and trends.  I love all the designers and what they have to offer.  In my surfing the internet I’ve come across a website that offers all the designers at remarkable prices.  This company is called  They were founded in 1998, and is a leading online retailer of designer brands, fashion trends, and awesome savings.

Okay, so here are some of my favorite designers that are available at and some of what I believe are some awesome savings, and incredible deals. 

1.  Cole Haan ~ is what we would call old school, because they’ve been in the fashion scene for a minute.  They were established in 1928, initially known for their men’s footwear.  They have since expanded into producing shoes and accessories for women and children.  They deliver contemporary style with artisan roots.  You have to see their incredible line to appreciate their quality and vast selection.

2.   Marc by Marc Jacobs  ~ was introduced to the fashion world in 2001, and has been on a roll ever since.  He caters to men, women and children, and his style is fun and edgy, yet sophisticated and classy.  His line ranges from swimwear to outerwear. 

3.  Michael Kors ~ entered the fashion scene in 1981.  He gives you chic and luxurious all in one.  He is known for his ’sleek, clean lines with minimal embellishments and refined touches’.  His style and fashions detact just that.  He is very classic in his style, yet he epitomizes trendsetter. 

Okay, so that’s it.  Check them out, and see for yourself.  I would love to hear from you.  ~smooches Dah-ling~

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